And acoustic insulation in Valencia.
The Municipal Ordinance of the City of Valencia specifies the levels of of acoustic insulation in the city. The type of activity limits these levels.

Article 44 details the minimum levels of sound insulation in Valencia for different locales.

Group 1. Soundproofing of Clubs, Party rooms and other licensed premises for live performances : 104 dBA.

Group 2. Soundproofing of pubs, bars and other locales with musical atmospheres that proceed exclusively from audio equipment , without live performances : 90 dBA.

Group 3. Soundproofing of Gymnasiums, bingos, game rooms and recreational venues : 85 dBA.

Group 4. Soundproofing of bars, restaurants and other catering establishments without audio equipment: 80 dBA.

Solutions offered:

  • Sound insulation of roofs Valencia
  • Sound insulation of walls Valencia
  • Acoustic screens Valencia, Acoustic Booths Valencia
  • Acoustic measurements Valencia


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