Acoustic insulation


Acoustic insulation and sound preparation.
An adequate level of sound insulation prevents disturbance by noise or vibration. These levels are limited in Spain by the Noise Law 37/2003 , Building Code and related ordinances.

We have the tools, equipment and personnel needed to analyze and diagnose the constructive solution that is most appropriate for each particular case.

Tasks are supervised at all times by acoustic engineers ensuring sound insulation levels required by the “Certification” of the Board of Engineers.

Certificates of noise insulation to UNE -EN ISO.

  • Acoustic measurements.
  • Airborne sound insulation and acoustic vibrations.
  • Acoustic preparation.
  • Industrial noise – Insulation of industrial machinery.
  • Pipe and Engine Insulation.

Products used:

  • Anti-vibration floating floors.
  • Wall systems – Partition wall insulators.
  • Acoustic ceiling systems . Suspended Ceilings.
  • Sealing via projection mortar.
  • Anti-vibration systems.
  • Acoustic panels.
  • Equipment Enclosures – Acoustic Booths – Silencers.
  • Acoustic screens.


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